Saturday, December 22, 2012

Good Animation Reel

I like the acting here.


Definitely don’t have blinders on of ‘I just want to work at Pixar’
Basically get as much experience as you can, anywhere you can and do the best possible job you can. Ultimately you have to do the not-so-great jobs in order to get to the one you want.
Once you get complacent, that's the danger. You've got to always be pushing!
 With my department (animation) we’re looking for people who are great actors or that show tremendous potential. If they have some serious acting skills, we will take a chance. That’s half the battle you know, really finding those types of people.
Inspired by Andrew Gordon from Pixar.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Excited On Learning Animal & Creature Animation!

Recently i have finished my Animation Mentor training on Animal & Creature Animation Masterclass. I learned tons of stuff there. The most inspire me was the PLANNING!!

I admit that i know this PLANNING is very important for animation. But after this training i found out i can't animate without PLANNING. It is true! PLANNING is my friend now.

PLANNING let me clear my mind. Be confident, comfortable on what i should key. The most important thing is i know what i am doing on my key frame. Then i can break them easily later on. Break the rules. Exaggerate it! I got to get back my drawing skills! *Although it is not super good =)

Here is my PLANNING for my animation.

Cat Vanilla Walk Cycle.

Video Reference

Cat Walk Cycle Animation (Before)

In this version it's my first trial. A lot of mistakes there. Timing, body mechanics, stiffness and etc. Later on i need to fix these mistakes. Then i have a polish version.

Cat Walk Cycle Animation (After Polish)

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