Friday, December 21, 2012

Excited On Learning Animal & Creature Animation!

Recently i have finished my Animation Mentor training on Animal & Creature Animation Masterclass. I learned tons of stuff there. The most inspire me was the PLANNING!!

I admit that i know this PLANNING is very important for animation. But after this training i found out i can't animate without PLANNING. It is true! PLANNING is my friend now.

PLANNING let me clear my mind. Be confident, comfortable on what i should key. The most important thing is i know what i am doing on my key frame. Then i can break them easily later on. Break the rules. Exaggerate it! I got to get back my drawing skills! *Although it is not super good =)

Here is my PLANNING for my animation.

Cat Vanilla Walk Cycle.

Video Reference

Cat Walk Cycle Animation (Before)

In this version it's my first trial. A lot of mistakes there. Timing, body mechanics, stiffness and etc. Later on i need to fix these mistakes. Then i have a polish version.

Cat Walk Cycle Animation (After Polish)

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