Monday, May 13, 2013

Pixar movie: UP

I like this movie very much. I appreciate the effort from Pixar on how great they create such a good story for this movie. Personally i feel so touching for the love story about Mr. Fredrickson. A sweet couple that i love so much.

A square shape design for Mr. Fredrickson. Stubborn, traditional for him. Rounded shape design for his wife, Ellie. Sweet, happy, positive as her personality. What a nice contrast set up for both characters.

The second part of this clip is the most memorable sequence for me in this movie. Although Mr. Fredrickson finally got what he wants. But he is still lonely, unhappy. Stubborn lead him to reach his destination but he has nothing although he made it. He looks back the album "Adventure Book" from his wife. All the photos are their happy memories. They always smile. What Mr. Fredrickson wants eventually? Happiness.

"Thanks for the adventure - Now go have a new one!" This really touches me.

Sometimes we are getting busy and busy to achieve something we want. But we always forget the most precious things are already beside us. Your love one! Wife, family, friends...

Please stop for a while when you keep rushing for your life. Think what you want. Appreciate them if they were there for you. 

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