Tuesday, October 8, 2013


*Please listen to this soundtrack!

I like this movie Man of Steel. I like the idea that the director wants to deliver: Hope. It is talking about how Clark wants to find out more about himself. His real home, real parents, purpose of living. Even when i do more research on their score making from Hans Zimmer. You can see how they truly want to work out the theme for the movie.

Hopes will lead us to live our life!

Recently i feel the same thing as i realize from the movie. What is the purpose of living? Making money? Build a home? or anything else? For me, now i will say to seek for happiness. How to make myself happy? I got my love one, home, car, job. But i must love what i am doing, my daily routine. I think i love animation very much. I want to animate. I have a dream that is not achieved yet. I want to have an accomplishment - Work on a production that i feel proud of it.

I wish to make it happens before any distraction comes to me. I want to enrich my life story. That was my own promise when i was young. I want to make it happens! Fight it!

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